Schedule (as of April 21)  ("RR"= Risk and Rationality) 

4/14 Lecture in both Japanese and English

授業の概要 (outline of the course)

リスクの概念 (The concept of risk)

なぜリスクは哲学の問題になるか(why risk is a problem for philosophy)

Reading: Hansson "Risk" 

4/21 日本語の講義

リスクの概念つづき (the concept of risk, continued)

シュレーダー=フレチェットの立場 (the position of Schrader-Frechette)

Reading: RR ch. 1 

4/28 Lecture in English

"positivist" views of risk

Readings: Starr and Whipple "Risks of risk decisions"

          Whipple "Non-pessimistic risk assessment and de minimis risk as risk management tools"

5/12 日本語の講義

リスクの社会構成主義 (social constuctivism on risk)

reading: Douglas and Wildavsky, Risk and Culture, conclusion.

5/19 Lecture in English

The middle way: Schrader-Frechette and Mayo

presentation by Jorge Gomez 

Readings: RR ch. 3

          Mayo "Sociological vs metascientific views of risk assessment" 

          Mayo and Spanos "Philosophical Scrutiny of Evidence of Risks"

5/26 休講予定 

6/2 日本語の講義

リスク認知とリスクコミュニケーション(risk recognition and risk communication) (1)

readings: RR ch.2 

          Slovic "introduction and overview"

         Slovic "perception of risk"

6/9 Lecture in English

risk recognition and risk communication (2)

presentation by Adrien Barton

readings:  same as the previous week

paper project due

6/16 日本語の講義

schemes of risk evaluation (1) Expert judgment

Reading : RR chs. 6 &7 

6/23 Lecture in English

schemes of risk evaluation (2) Utilitarianism

Reading : RR ch. 8

6/30 日本語の講義

schemes of risk evaluation (3) Democracy

Reading : RR ch. 11

7/7 Lecture in English

Beck's idea of risk society

Readings: Beck, "On the logic of wealth distribution and risk distribution" 

          Campbell and Currie, "Against Beck: in defense of risk analysis"

7/14 日本語の講義

リスクに関する意思決定の手法 (the method of decision-making on risk)

reading: Bucchi and Neresini "Science and Public Participation"

7/21 休講予定

7/28 final paper due